ChromeSpeed 4455

Keywords: computer game, 3d graphics, vehicular deathmatch, georgia tech
Fall 2003
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  • Neeraj Kumar: Lead Programmer
  • Anil Chawla: Lead Programmer
  • Sanin Rahman: Graphics, Music, and Level Design
  • David Sharpe: Level Design


ChromeSpeed is a networked, multiplayer vehicular deathmatch game developed in under 4 months by Fusion Paradigm Studios. Players join a server and battle it out in an urban environment, flying one of two very different aircraft. With intuitive controls, fast speeds, and exciting gameplay, ChromeSpeed delivers a solid gaming experience for those looking for a quick, arcade-style game without requiring a long time-commitment.


  • Networked multiplayer gameplay
  • Choose from two different ships: the fast-and-weak Shark or the slow-and-strong Ray
  • Urban map with lots of buildings to dodge through for an exciting game
  • Fire guided or unguided missiles to destroy your opponents
  • When firing guided missiles, enjoy your opponent's annihilation courtesy of the MissileCam
  • Missile alerts warn you on incoming missiles
  • Choose between 4 different voicepacks with over 50 sounds each to taunt your enemies before (and after) killing them
  • Featuring original music written and performed by Sanin Rahman
  • Listen to your own music if you prefer, using the open source ogg vorbis standard.
  • Fully customizable controls


In-Game Video

In-Game Video:

This video showcases our game. It is composed entirely of in-game footage. Uses the MS-MPEG4 codec for compression.


Title screen

Title screen:

This is where it all begins.
A view of the city

A view of the city:

We are in the future, with buildings of all different types. Our plane's cockpit contains counters for frags and deaths, a health bar, and a radar showing enemies.
Firing a missile

Firing a missile:

All vehicles are armed with high-speed missiles as the primary weapons. Here, we've just fired one at the enemy.
Watching the missile cam

Watching the missile cam:

If you fire a missile while aimed close enough to a target, the missile becomes a guided missile. It will try to follow the target as it moves, although it's not still not guaranteed to hit. As a bonus, guided missiles enable the MissileCam on the attacker's cockpit, showing the view from the missile's point of view.
Enemy sighted!

Enemy sighted!:

Later in the game, we look for the enemy so we can have a good old-fashioned dogfight. Tally ho!


We let loose another missile.
Missile alert!

Missile alert!:

If you're unlucky enough to be on the receiving end of a guided missile, you'll receive a missile alert at the top of your heads-up display.
Collision course

Collision course:

Two missiles fired by the two players approach each other. What will happen next?
Impending danger

Impending danger:

Uh-oh! The missiles missed each other and both are in guided mode, closing in on their respective targets.
Who will get hit first?

Who will get hit first?:

This will determine the game!
Collision imminent!

Collision imminent!:

Looks like we've found the loser -- soon to be wiped out.
Vehicle destroyed!

Vehicle destroyed!:

That's all she wrote! GG. Rematch?